i need some tips

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  1. Ok, so there is this girl i like alot (to the point where i dream about here around 5 times every night ). ive been wanting to ask her out but i dont have the courage or know how to ask her out. any tips?
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  2. Step1. Get money
    Step2. Think of a cool place to go, Movies or w/e
    Step3. Walk to the girl or call her.
    Step4. Tell her to go out
    Step5. Wait for an answer
    Step6. Go out with her if she says yes, or just walk away if she says no.

    Simple! :p
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  3. Ask MrLegititsLegit :p
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  4. Lolno
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  5. just saying dont think i can help. legit knows that.
  6. Kidnap her and make her live with you.

    Lol nah, just ask her in person. :)
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  7. Might try it...
  8. Just ask her. I mean YOLO. Jk. I don't use that fraise. But seriously just go in, suck in your gut, lower your voice, and go for it big boy!