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  1. Hey guys I know a lot of you have youtube accounts and are interested in multiple types of games and I was wondering if some of you guys could help supporting me by watching some of my you tube videos and/or subscribing? I have many videos in it and a lot more on the way. Can you please give me some feedback on them and such.
    Also what type of content do you guys want to see besides the ones we have up right now. Thanks guys here is the newest video at the moment. Also please subscribe. :D I have a youtube series on pause on this server too at the moment :D

    Click here to subscribe please :)

    Here are some of the videos

    Our Intro:

    Empire Minecraft Video I was moving from my lets play world so you''ll see my blowing it all up beforehand:

    Here is the video the other co-owner did on a survival hardcore series more to come soon :D

    Check our channel out for more, thanks we would really appreciate it if we could get to 50 subscribers this month we are at 41 at the time of this post. Thanks again guys. :) We also will sub back if you sub so sub for sub :)
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  2. Thanks and I looked around it, I'll sub to it when I get on the MiarcBros account currently on my person one for personal use and crap. If you could spread the word :3
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  3. who made your intro? its awesome sauce's newest recipe
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  5. No one else want this good deal? ;)
  6. subs for everybody woooooooooooooooo
  7. You should do Slender.
  8. Only if yo sub :pP
    Who do you want to do it Mikey or I I would probably chicken out within the first page though >.>
  9. I saw a vid where someone controlled the keyboard and the other controlled the mouse... that could be very funny (and also scary).
  10. oh i dont need subs seeing as i dont have any videos of my own
  11. Subs still are nice if you sub to me :3
    What do you mean?
  12. I saw a video where there were two people playing slender. One person controlled the mouse, while the other person controlled the keyboard.
  13. Haha that wouldn't work out well since Mikey the other person who owns the channel lives in Canada and I love in New Jersey so kind of wouldn't work out very well :p.