I need some Sound Effects!

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  1. Hello its me again, theres probably some good music artists here so I need some sound effects for my game right now.

    What I need
    Coin Pickup
    Skeleton Death
    Skeleton taking damage
    Player taking damage
    Button clicking sound
    Projectile Impact

    Any many more eventually

    Details of my game that you might need to know
    Dungeon themed
    2D Platformer

    I will pay 1k for each sound effect, maybe more if I like it a lot.
  2. sorry, im terrible with note blocks

    I wish i could help!
  3. This isn't a minecraft game, but rather one like Mario
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  4. It doesnt have anything to do with noteblocks :p
    theres many free sound effect software to make some, if your interested I can tell you some