I need some one to build my house

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by punchingtrees101, May 10, 2012.

  1. plz post a picture of good houses u have made and i may choose u to build my house you will get pay 2000r or more depends!!!!:D:eek::oops:
  2. big and bold thank u
  3. Stop hijaking Her/His thread please. What type of materials are you wanting it to be build out of?
  4. i dont care whatever looks nice and thank you
  5. Would u like some pixel art too cuz im good at that :)
  6. I have a building company. If you want to come to 6403. I have some houses there to show you. I can make them out of any material... please go and look.
  7. Teehee :) btw look at the bunny (\_/)
  8. ok what server
  9. noo it messed upp the bunny!!
  10. its body is disconnected from its ears
  11. i am there
  12. Did you look around? See anything you like?
  13. I've cleaned up your thread, punchingtrees. I hope this helps you get the builder you want.:)
  14. Thanks Edmund
  15. thx