I need screenshots of your creations!

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  1. They have to be done on a residence/in the wild on EMC. They also have to be yours, incase you didn't figure that out from the beginning :p

    More on this soon :3
  2. For the Wiki by any chance? :p
  3. Something like that :rolleyes:

    (I say this because it used to be, not because it is.)
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  4. Does it have to be from the outside? Or can it be interior too?
  5. It can be either.
  6. Bump, bump, bump bumpy bump bump fump fump fump fump. (<-- Read in George of the Jungle theme tune pls)
  7. I can give some photos when the first part of the event ends...
  8. I'm posting pics of my wilderness base.
    Base1.jpg base2.jpg base3.jpg base4.jpg base5.jpg base6.jpg
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  9. Do you still want screenshots?
  10. I built this on SMP9.

    It's solid quartz BTW. It also have 4 symmetrical sides I was too lazy to upload :p
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