i need people to help me with my dance club on smp2

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  1. so i have a dance club on smp2(club craft, check it out sometime) but i live in Virginia so i cant be on at certain hours. i need people to be the host of the club when im gone. so will anyone thats not on EST please help me? it would be greatly appreciated.
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  2. I believe you shouldn't ask something like this to the general public, there are too many griefers over here, i wouldn't give no-one the controll of your dance club.
    Anyways, if you still looking for people i could recomend you some awesome Delta Fellow's that work pretty nice (for some rupees obviously :p)
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  3. Nice crown. :p
  4. Yes im trust worthy (No really I am
    and you only need use to host a dance club xD)
  5. ya i would only give them access to certian chests and doors, and the only thing im worried about is them stealling my three discs (mall, stal, and cat) i want strad so badly! (tomboy "stole" my strad)

    EDIT: so squizzel boy you wanna have the job? its not noy a hard job at all, you just put in the discs, give out the food and drinks, and advertize