I need obsidan!

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  1. Hey everyone,

    Im looking to buy 15 stacks of obsidan from some people.
    I will pay 300r a stack.
    If you have a stack or more for sale that 5r per block please pm me with res number.

  2. I guess I should tell you, 1 stack is for about 640r =/
  3. im buying alot so i was wanting 5r per block
  4. The average shop sells obsidian for around 15R each any more. That is 960R per stack, meaning you would have 14,400 R in the obsidian.
  5. It's different prices on each server, in smp3 it's 10r for each, meaning 640r a stack.
    What server are you playing on?
  6. Build yourself an obsidian generator then all you need is redstone, a diamond pick and a lot of time.
  7. im on smp6
  8. I'll get obsidian if you like :)
    I sell 5r per piece. I'll do 300r a stack.
    (My currently have 7 pieces in stock now. I'll get it in maybe 1-2 days)

    My res is 4342 SMP2. But I can do delivery.
  9. K leave a sign on your res for 300r per stack of obsidan i will be around tommorow.

    Anyone else have obsidan............
  10. I will get more tomorrow. I g2g now. (my time is 0.47 at the moment.) There are only 7 pieces right now. :)
  11. Well I think I have some, 9r 4421 SMP2.
  12. Go to 14141 smp7 9r per block!
  13. I remember when I needed this much. good luck man, you'll need it!
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  14. 14141 is a MEGASTORE. They sell all items except for TNT and I'm not sure about enchants
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  15. its between 7r to 11r per Block but maybe lower now cause i been banking on Obsidian all last week might have destroyed the market for them on Smp5
  16. i sell obsidian at res 3391 on smp2!!! its on the second floor of my shop