I need modding help again (Again)

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  1. So, I was looking around on Mcskinsearch.com to see what skins people have created when I saw This skin. If a cape shows up like that on the site, everyone can see it in game too, so I was wondering how people do that. I thought the only way was to be in Mojang, but I was wrong. Can someone help me?
  2. Thats the minecon Year 1 cape is it not?

    If you have went to either Minecon, you can have a globally seen cape.
  3. You either have to be in Mojang or have gone to MineCon to get a cape like that, so I have no idea how they put it on that character. Then again, I'm no skin expert so there could very easily be a way to do that that I don't know of. :p
  4. Or they went to minecon.

    If you are just looking through skins, your chance of bouncing in to at least one person with a cape is pretty high. Especially considering there are 3 capes out there now. The Mojang cape, the Minecon '11 cape, and the Minecon '12 cape. If you just keep going through skins, you have a pretty high chance of finding one.
  5. That would make sense... xD I just wasn't sure if the cape showed up on online skin libraries like that.