I need modding help again (5th time)

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by Jay2a, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. I'm having trouble downloading the Little Blocks mod. Regardless of what I do to try, it won't work. So I'm asking you if you know. I tried the Magic Launcher, regular Minecraft, nothing will work. I have Forge installed properly on both of them, but no matter what even if it's the only other mod I have, it will crash my game. Can someone help me?
  2. Sup jay2a? Looks like you have to download 2 archives. The 'Slime Void Lib (' and 'LittleBlocks' both have to be in the mods directory.

    LittleBlocks Download: http://slimevoid.net/littleblocks-download/

    I've also found a video that should help in installing the mod:

  3. Thank you, I'll try it.
  4. I got it downloaded, but now I can't see the textures. Can you help?
  5. Do you have OptiFine installed as well? If so, try disabling the 'connected textures' feature in OptiFine.
  6. Thank you! It helped.
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