I need LOTS of White Wool

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  1. I need 129,600 Blocks of white wool If you can supply me In a month with that much in a month PM me so that we can talk about pricing. Also If you can supply a smaller amount leave a comment below.
  2. Holy Cow man! What server are you on?
  3. I'd expect we could handle an order that size, we've done 10 double chests of white in 2 days (34560). I'll let you know this weekend (we are moving in real life this week). If anything, we can get at least a part of it knocked out for you.
  4. Give me a price and we can work it out
  5. Well, for starters i have large chest at 19003 on smp9. I can a lot more in a week.
  6. We generally charge 1 for 1. Like I said, we wouldn't start working on it until this weekend at the earliest, but could at least supply some of it.
  7. you can get free wool at 911 on smp1
  8. Can I get a bulk deal for the wool
  9. I'll have to talk to my other half, she does most of the shearing :)
  10. Are you reffering to the person mentioned in your signature? haha
  11. That's correct :), krysyyjane9191 or krisjr91 in game.
  12. Ok then