I Need Lots Of Glass, 17 Stacks. Any good offers?

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  1. I am going to make a big structure made out of glass, i need about 17 stacks (1132 blocks) of glass. I can go to any server to get it. If you (or your shop) don"t have 17 stacks, I can get the glass from more than one shop with no problem :)
    Thank You :D

    I already got all thte glass i needed :D. Thank you everyone :D
  2. Visit 10030, I sell 16 glass for 18r.
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  3. Often out of stock but I sell 32 glass for 2r at 12093
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  4. 32 for 32 and rarely out of stock at 11290 (smp5)
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  5. I just changed the plans for my structure, and now, instead of 17 stacks, it's going to be only 10 stacks (624 blocks)
  6. Thank you everyone for your replies :D
  7. Glass fully in stock on smp2, v 3456
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  8. I already got all the glass i needed! Thank you :D
  9. Wait up, what you need that much glass for? :D
  10. I am building an underground base, and the walls are made of glass :D
  11. You understand glass is clear right? ;D Lol make sure theres more than dirt behind it (Black wool looks cool, kinda like an abyss)
  12. 64 for 40r at 8062 and just restocked on smp4
  13. I know how you feel needing the glass. I've run through. I've already used about 50 stacks filling in the windows on my Res and I probably need another 50 to finish... If we get the increased build height later I'll need even more. SMP6 #12089