i need lime wool! rawr!

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  1. ok i need 10 stacks of lime wool. il pay 2500r fo it. price can be negotiated...

    thanks! pm me if interested!
  2. bump. cmon guys...
  3. All I could manage was (almost) 3 stacks of wool and (almost) 4 stacks of dye if you're interested.
  4. Eh, if you could wait 10 days I could do it, I just can't right now cause I'm traveling and can't get on Minecraft :p
    But I'd be glad to do it for 2k only.
  5. I can get this, I think. Also, try 10167 on smp5 for wool.
  6. All Wool Free Shearing at 2304 Smp1 Check it out :)
  7. I'll see what I have spare :D
  8. whoah! thanks!
  9. No Problem! :) Spread the Word! :)