I Need Lapis Lazuli

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  1. Okay guys I'm currently in need of TONS of Lapis Lazuli! That means: Lapis Lazuli, Blue Dye, Lapis Lazuli Ore and Lapis Lazuli Blocks! If you have any of these items or know of a good place to buy them, Let me know! I'm looking for both donations and players willing to sell those items too me :)
    If you do however donate the items your name will be non my wall of credit forever!

    You can donate the items at 9088 on SMP4 or at 9224 on SMP4. If you are on another server and want to sell me one of these items I'll come to you! If you know of either where I can get these items or you have them please let me know by posting in this thread.

    Just to make things cleaner and easier to read please use this format:
    Item: (Lapis Lazuli, Lapis Lazuli Block, Lapis Lazuli Ore)
    Location: (My Res, Other Res & Server)
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  2. Anyone? I'm desperate!
  3. I've sold about full chest yesterday to 3060, 3883 and 4005 on smp2, 9000 @ smp4 etc., so they may have some now

    You can find the rest in my shop - 12162 @ smp6

    I wondered for some time why prople don't use more lapis blocks - they look so nice :)
    Happy building!
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  4. go to smp1 1783 good shop and i have 10 lapis
  5. Nice, I'll check those out!
    If you would like to see what I'm building just go to residence 9224 on SMP4. I will be reappearing the windows up about 6 levels or so :)
  6. Alright I'll check that out thanks ;)
  7. I got around 90 blocks. How much would you buy?
  8. All of them, If I can!
  9. I had more then a few stacks of blocks 2 days ago at /v 4005, red floor. :)
  10. Thanks I'll check that out!
  11. Yes.. For how much rupees...
  12. Did 1783 work? you can also try kells18 4 res and 2120 that's dragon_bloom;)
  13. 729 :)
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  14. thank you kells lol
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  15. I have a TON PM me price and quantity.
  16. Considering I have bought blocks for 15 rupees each and there is ninety...
    Then to make it and even number we could either round it up too 1400r or down to 1300r
    So perhaps 1300r for all 90 blocks?
    Let me know what you think :D
  17. No unfortunately it didn't, I'll check kells18 out though ;)
  18. Alright will do :)
  19. I have 155 blocks of that stuff. lol how much you looking to buy?
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  20. I'm looking for tons! If I'm able to afford it I'll buy them all lol!