I Need Jobs!

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  1. Im willing to go on any server to work I just need money.
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  2. Sell all your things from the wild to /v 4005 on SMP2 for rupees. :)
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  3. I will pay you 100r a day if you complements me every hour!
  4. Pateraterick. Could I have that job ;)?
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  5. Iceraider what server is your superstore?
  6. If you are willing to be a Supplier for my mega store. PM me.
  7. You could go out into the wild get me a DC of Diamonds and I'll pay you some rupees. :3
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  8. Why not become a wood supplier? everyone needs wood. You could distruibute to several stores too.
  9. Yup, Ill buy wood lol

    brick know wut he be talkin bout.
  10. lol :p
    I just know what people need cuz I normally need it :D
  11. Hehe.. its taken
  12. Its 14905 Smp7 work in progress
  13. This seems important,,, bump for iceraider
  14. Pay: 99r a day.
    Job: PM me on the forums every hour talking about how awesome I am (you can do it on public threads too)
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  15. I want that job! But I would talk about how I'm so awesome instead!
  16. Visit 12162 @ smp6 for fair buy and sell prices.

    If you're fast and you know what to do, you can make over 6,000r per hour.
    You can ask me to teach you when I'm online.
    Hint: sand and sandstone.
  17. Could you dig out a res for me? :D on smp2

    Thats so original. :/