I need ideas!

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What Should I build First?

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Something to live in 2 vote(s) 50.0%
HUGE CREATION OF AWESOME-NESS!!!!!! 2 vote(s) 50.0%
  1. I just claimed my Utopia plot.

    My only idea so far is a wall around it and some floating islands/houses.

    Please send in ideas! i will give you credit in front of what i built if you gave the idea to me.

    P.S. its like 8:30 A.M. and its dark in my room, so please excuse me if i mis-spell :)
  2. I suggest mass storage for all the goods you're going to need. My first order of business was a vault. As far as home or awesomeness... I go with awesomeness - my only home is a 3x1 hole to hide from creepers.
  3. i have my storage on smp2, along with my shop at 3709, i have a 3 story storage building and 1 floor is being used for selling/renting storage
  4. I think you should build a massive theme-park! Something the entire community would enjoy. You could have water slides and rollercoasters. If you happen to make a tidy profit off admission... that's a bonus! However, that's for you to decide.
  5. thanks, i may build one
  6. If you do, let me kow when the grand opening is!
  7. i think ill build a small rollercoaster and such at bedrock XD
  8. Build a large cobblegen xD
    "Mass Fabricator"
  9. i just had an immposible idea! a self building wall around my whole lot XD
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