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  1. Im new to empire and ive read through the guide ..and noticed theres nothing about using /sethome and i found the mushroom biom and was wondering if you could possible make it a teleport or some how help me so that i can teleport there cuz i want to make my home there but i dont want to die there because it took vary long to get to it
  2. You can only have a residence in the Town world. There are no residences in other worlds (wilderness, nether, end). You can build a house there but it would not be protected.
  3. You can't make wild areas ur home. You have to have a residence in town of your server. You can travel there and bring stuff back to make your res a mushroom biome. Or you can stack up on food and build a house there. Watch out for griefers though...
  4. but i dont want to die and have to walk al the way bk... =\... and the mushroom bioms is to far for a griefer to waste his or her time going to it
  5. i dont care if it protected or not i just want to be able to tele there
  6. Set your spawn by sleeping in a bed. Then if you die, you will wake up where you want to be.
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  7. ty that helped alot how do i use outpost's?
  8. go trough the portals if you dont want to stay on that server in town go to another to go in town and use this one to have in wild ;)
  9. Rephrased: Don't live in wilderness at your home server, live in wilderness on any other one :p
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  10. there is nothing stopping you from making home in the wild ..but like others have mentioned...you WILL have to travel back and forth from where you are in the wild to town. And i think that was pretty much all you were asking. So no you cannot teleport back and forth . Just build you a really secure shelter and gather all the good supplies you can and come join us in town =P
  11. Actually.
    People can "teleport" it's all in my guide :)
    Just combinating nether portals and beds will make you get a taisty tp ;)