I need help

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by Pacobodega, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. I was in the wilderness, and a lot of the world in the spawn is unbearable so I took one of the direction teleporters, and there was a hole under it to the side with Iron so i jumped down, not only could I mine it, but there's no way to get out now. You'd think someone would have seen this and at least put a block there so people can get out
  2. Dig some cobble from the sides and make a 1x1 tower to escape, and also, jumping down holes with no escape is NOT a very good idea.
  3. ^^ Meincrata Does have a point why did you jump down a hole for Iron :p oh well just digg some cobble :D
  4. Well you see, I jumped down a hole for iron... to get... iron... I see in my post it says i did get the iron, but i couldnt, and i cant destroy any blocks around it or in the hole
  5. Its because you are in the protected zone, you can teleport out, and if you go farther out you can mine things
  6. if you are still in protected zone try typing /wild
    I got stuck in one once too when I first started and that's what a crazy mod named crazy said to do and it worked.