i need help

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  1. i put in the commands and they dont work
  2. Could you...be a bit more specific?
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  3. what commands :/
  4. it says i have not complete the tutorial and im where it says type /town so i did and it didnt work
  5. This seems to be a recurring issue, but the last person who mentioned it seemed to work it out a few minutes later without explaining what he or she did.
  6. Try a couple things, first Turn your minecraft off and then back on. Was smp9 the first server you logged in on, if not try to complete the tutorial on the respective server. Umm... Try /spawn (probably won't work either) If none of these work Contact a Moderator...
  7. im gonna move around a bit then try it
  8. u have to exit the last room then enter agian
  9. Interesting- Well, Welcome to the Empire!!!
  10. Oh yes, glad that you've solved it. Welcome. :)
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  11. Welcome to the epire mate!