i need help

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by GRANTSWIM4, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. i trying to get on my res on smp2 but it full i do not want my home to go away
  2. You have 10 days before your res resets.
    If you can't get on then message "GameKribJEREMY" and tell him that you can't get on and your res number.
    he will make sure it won't get reset. :)
  3. ok my i do not know my res of hand
  4. You can also just connect to utopia.EmpireMinecraft.com that counts as a sign-in and resets the counter :)
  5. i i want to get on utopia but i have no money to give
  6. All players can sign-in to Utopia and visit Town :) and that will reset the 10 day thing for your res on smp
  7. and justinguy is there a way i can help this sever
  8. Just continue to be a good player, who follows the rules all the time :) also if you'd like to help the server financially there is the option of supporting at various levels, click here to see them :)