i need help with a little thing...

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  1. I look at some people and every post they do is a certain colour, how do they make it so it stays that colour all the time? because i wanna have mine yellow all the time >:D
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  2. Thats gonna hurt my eyes
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  3. I like that :)
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  4. Haha, yeah, but whatever you want. I dont want to tell you what to do :)
  5. ok, can anyone tell me how to keep it like this?
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  6. and keep the font the same
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  7. PM someone that has it. Or hope this thread catches their attention :p
  8. Keep the same font, no bold or anything. I like the colour.

  9. There isn't a way to set your own "default" text settings sorry, I don't believe the forum software supports that.

    The posts you see which are always edited are usually dedicated people who change them manually (or with macro) individually for each post. :p
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  10. Have to do the old fashion way :D few clicks here and there then profit
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  11. Wow, maxarias is more hard-working than I thought.
    ALL of her posts are 100% pink.
  12. Well that sucks :/
  13. I think it's a good thing though because when you think about it, we'd have 15 different fonts/colours/sizes on a forum page. :/ Would look something like this;

    merry chirstmas!



  14. See im so awesome that I do all my post's like this one <----
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  15. i.e default :p
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