i need help with 2/3 repeaters

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  1. i need help with the new repeater and an old one that most people dont know about

    here are some pics

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  2. i need help with the last one
  3. You would have to be more specific with what is bothering you about it.
    Simply posting some pictures won't help.
  4. The 'new' repeater isn't a repeater its a comparator.

    I think this link will work he is a guy I watch its a video on comparators.
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  5. i need help not with the comparator

    but with the pic that has 3 repeaters on it and the one in the middle is like bedrock
  6. It's a repeater lock I'm on my iPad now I can't upload a video all I can suggest is to search 'repeater lock' on the web.
  7. Ah, that is known as a Latch, and it is a way of locking repeaters into there current state by powering them from the side.
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  8. This is a bit old, but whatevs.
  9. Basically, when you power a repeater from the side, a "line" appears in it, which locks the repeater into whatever state it's in. For example, if you power a repeater from the side, it will remain un-powered, no matter what.