I need help! What do I build? Prize included!

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  1. Hello emc! Im pretty much deciding on a design for a mega mall... i need designs! I want to have a lot to choose from and a unique design too. I promise you will get credit if I use your idea ;) PM me with any designs and/or tips you may have, I am always open to new ideas.:)
  2. How about you make one of the seven wonders of the world, modern or natural, on your res? You could look at pictures of the wonders on a search engine, then try to copy off of them.
  3. Castles are easy to build if you're not an architect pyramids are even easier. Or google for minecraft buildings and find one you like and replicate it. You don't have to copy it exactly but use it as a reference.

    Tree houses are cool. so are floating sky-ships.
  4. You mentioned you weren't a good architect and for that reason alone you didn't want to build something massive; I'm not saying that I'm a master at this stuff but I wouldn't mind building a little design template for you on SP and sending you a download link for something you can scale to whatever size you want :)
  5. Ok pm me a few designs. :)
  6. Would you be interested in the world files for my mall design? I could send you them after school. Like I said I wouldn't want payment but rather a sign by the entrance saying I designed it :)
  7. Yeah pm me them and I will see. Im not much of a mall builder but i can look at it. :)
  8. Well it wouldn't really require any architectural skills, mainly just copying with any adjustments you might want to make, such as the main material I used was lapis blocks which you can switch to something else like wool if you find it too expensive :)
  9. How about.... Giant auto farms using hoppers that lead to one central area where u can buy the harvest?
  10. The pyramids are the only wonders we know actually existed... so any of the other 6 can look however you want them to.
  11. That has been done on smp 9 already. :p
  12. Alright then, how about a...... a hollowed out mountain with a shop or whatever u want inside.
  13. Build a flaming potato
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  14. Cannon..... flaming potato cannon.
  15. What do you guys think of like domes under water with like shops in them. Like an underwater mega mall? Or a jungle mega mall?
  16. How about a sky town?
  17. how about an island with a staircase down an Atlantis (glass dome mega mall) surrounded by a coral reef. Have a horse race track down bellow.
  18. I thought about that... What do i build under it?
  19. Maybe do like an underground mall and make it look like a cave system that has a ravine in it. Then on top of the res you could make it look like a biome and put signs on blocks that are relevant to what you are selling. Same within the cave.
    EDIT: you can also add the sky town above that.