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  1. how do i get on the server whats the ip
    thanks :)
  2. Click the Servers Tab at the top of the screen it tells the servers. I think this is in the wrong section btw.
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  3. For future reference questions should be posted in Help and Support :)

    But welcome to the Empire.
  4. Do smp1.empireminecraft.com
  5. Basically what all of them said...welcome to the Empire and have fun. :)
  6. woohooo this is the best server EVER
  7. Glad you like it, which server did you decide to settle on? :)
  8. i am on 7 and loving it i am thinking about becoming a diamond
  9. being a supporter is well worth it, the empire is a great place to play mc at
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  10. Smp7 is pretty popular, especially with moderators. :)
    Supporting is a great way of getting some extra rupees, as well as a guaranteed slot, some cool perks and additional lots to build on, well worth the donation.
  11. :eek: time to move to smp7

  12. Read empire guide once and you probably won't have any further questions.
  13. If you need any help... just be epic:)