I need help :l

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  2. I'm going to spare you the lecture of why you shouldn't drop out of school.
    But on to that matter at hand.
    It will be very hard to make serious money if you just started, posting them on YouTube is a start, but is only money making if you get a partnership.
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  3. Im gona work with Monstercat media soon they liked one of my songs and im just hoping they will accept me , and i dropped out because >_> im too lazy to study i keep my time for games and music
  4. Sounds awesome i downloaded it. You could post a video on YouTube with the song and have a Itunes link in the description. You could also do spotify but i dont really know how spotify works.
  5. If you're going to post songs to YouTube and iTunes, I would recommend only posting a small section if your songs on YouTube with the full version on iTunes. Because if the full version is on YouTube people might just make use of YouTube to MP3 websites to download your song anyway.
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  6. I like the song! Very good.
  7. Im going to try to see what i can do <_< seems like i cant work now after i drop out from school i have to do my music
  8. I'm not the one to ask this but the music is Great!
  9. I really liked the song :)
    If you post a like on to it on iTunes I'll probably buy it.

    I wish you luck, but you might want to see if you can get a GED, just so you can get a job to support you while you work on your music.
  10. I agree about getting a GED. I don't know how it works in countries other than the US, but everyone I know who's gotten a GED says it's much easier than high school. There are plenty of online resources.
    As for your music, I'm not really a dubstep guy, but the songs you have posted sound pretty good. Keep experimenting and find what works best for you. If you can make a new style of music, you've got a much better shot of getting some money-making hits.