I need help from Sony Vegas users!

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  1. Okay guys, so iv used Sony Vegas for awhile now and never really had any problems. It would load all file types, run smooth and never crash while or after rendering. Well, one of the more recent updates had a problem to where you couldn't open .ts or .m2ts files without vegas crashing instantly. Whether you imported them or dragged and dropped them it would just freeze and and crash. Well about a month ago there was an update and one of the big bug fixes was vegas crashing with .ts and .m2ts files. So after the update i tested them both and sure enough vegas had no problem at all loading either file. BUT, when i went to try and import an .avi file (recorded from fraps) it crashed exactly the way it had been before with the .ts file. So it seems the update fixed the problem with that but now wont load .avi without crashing. Has anyone had this problem with the new update or know of any solutions? Or are we just going to have to wait for another update?
  2. Per the phrase "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," perhaps see if you can revert to the pre-.TS/.M2TS update?
    Honestly, I've been using Vegas for a few years now and never had those kinds of issues at all - but I don't stay on the bleeding edge of the update curve either.
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  3. Maybe it's cause North Korea hacked Sony.