I need help from Admin

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by sharky200, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. Hello,
    I have 3 vault vouchers that I want to redeem. If your an Admin, Can you look in my vault for the three vault vouchers.

    - Loyal Crabcakes200m
  2. More like mods xD

    You know, you can just PM them.
  3. Only Admins can redeem them.
  4. Actually, you can only redeem them to admins. <--- Ninja'd :oops:

    Maxarias would be your best bet.
  5. Yeah, only Admins can redeem them
  6. You can PM Maxarias and she can help or maybe Aikar since he was on giving them out last night.
  7. But, you can't PM Aikar.

    Unless you're Jack....
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  8. yeah, but I cant msg them because there not on, i think
  9. You need to message them on the site.
  10. Click start a new conversation and type in Maxarias then Aikar, They're usually pretty good at getting back to you.


    Jack can do anything.
  11. Only those who are followed by Aikar can be PMed by him:)
  12. I can lol
  13. Yeah I did that, thanks, I thought I couldn't msg maxarias
  14. Ah, that explains that.
  15. Also why does it say im a new member
  16. You're not as active on the forums yet. It will change as you go.
  17. You need to get your trophy points up.
  18. Ok good :D
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  19. speeaking of which how do you check your trophy points i saw it once and have been checking everything in my options and couldnt find where to check how many i have
  20. Go to your profile, on the left hand side.