I need help for Server Making

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  1. Hello EMC, i have been trying to create a "lets play" server with friends, they arent allowed to donwload anything so many sever-portfowarding (or hamachi) methods are gone, and i cant mess with my router so now i cant portfoward it, it is also not compatible with portmap. i have no way of getting people to join.

    i was wondering if anyone had a small server we could use or if they knew a small server we could use

    P.S. by lets play, i mean youtube minecraft, as in upload minecraft progress videos with friends
  2. I know of a few servers, Empire somthing... lol

    Without Hamachi or port forwarding nothing you can do. sorry :(

    I also moved this to the correct category.
  3. ohh, thanks. and what server's do you know of?
  4. I'm baffled too! Empire something what? Where can we find this Minecraft Empire? :)
  5. the best you could probably do is get a hosted server, i used to keep a 4 slot server like that for $10 a month, if you each pay part that is only like 2.50 a person.

    Edit: This is the service i used at the time, now you can get a 6 slot server for 10 a month. this is also the host some youtubers use(junkyard129 and luclinmcwb to name a few) to host their servers.
  6. nah, i tried that, waste of cash