I need help at my smp6 lot.

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  1. i have multiple villager farms on my smp6 lot and SO many spawned i cant take a step.
    Some admin of mod please help me lol
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  2. grab you self a stick and eggyfi them :D
  3. i cant get to them.
  4. then /v a lot next to you or the shop grab a stick and return with vengeance ^_^
  5. I CANT move on my lot because of the lag
  6. Alright, do you have full knowledge of minecraft texture packs? If you do go to the villager folder and edit it with any type of photo editing tool, paint will work, erase their texture, DON'T DELETE IT! Make a backup to restore once you have fixed your problem. Walla!
  7. I dont think this will help in the slightest.
  8. Good idea, but it's "voila".
  9. d1223m could u somehow help me try to eggifie them?
  10. Iv contacted senior staff for you
  11. Senior staff :O
    they will just kill them all *.* :p
    Can i eggifie them for you?
  12. ok tyvm
  13. im gonna need a team for this.i just got a chance to look at my biggest farm...
  14. Dang. I really want pictures. Squidward invasion!
  15. Here's the cool pictures, but no squidwards using my texture, they look like real humans.;)
    2012-03-14_08.35.33.png 2012-03-14_08.36.07.png
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  16. tyvm for clearing my res zabriel.
  17. Well it would help I don't see why it wouldn't. It is true that the entity of the villager will still be there but Minecraft has no photograph to render the image which puts less stress on the graphic card.