I need Guardian farm built.

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  1. I need some that is supporter to build me a guardian farm. I am willing to pay how ever much said player wants send screen shots of guardian farm you built.
    [Edit] I will show you where it is at once I choose who i want to do it.
  2. A guardian farm requires a lot of work: (Assuming you would like an efficient build, such as Docm77 and jl2579's farm)

    These steps are the absolute minimum that are required to create a decent farm.

    A player must first clear the water in a 57 x 57 (Smallest acceptable area) area to even be able to control guardians.
    - This requires 336 stacks of sand to partition the water in preparation for sponges.
    - This will also require upwards of 60,000 water blocks to be removed before the farm can even be manipulated.

    Next, a player must destroy the monument and then quarry downward in a 57 x 57 sized area for a minimum of 15 blocks. This requires the removal of over 48,000 blocks by hand. This is the equivalent of mining 14 double chests of stone/ gravel / dirt.

    After that, a player must build the farm. This is by far the easiest step.

    If you wanted Full Efficiency, The water clearing process will need to be continued for upwards of 128 blocks outward in all directions from the farm.

    One player can do all of this in about 8 hours. I would hardly believe that someone would be willing to build this farm for 80k.
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  3. It would have to be a lot more. And why only a supporter?
  4. Utopia, I assume
  5. Ah
  6. These farms are getting expensive...
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  7. You only offered me 50k lol
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  8. I am willing to pay even more .up to 150k if thats not enough i will pay more ;)
  9. An if you build it you can use it as much as you want.
  10. I told you we could discuss it, but you got mad/annoyed that I wasn't responding quickly enough and left.
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  11. no i didnt get mad /annoyed i was really busy sorry
  12. Based on my Grinder / Building Service (closed at the moment), and the prices I was charging for other farms, a Guardian farm without the materials provided would cost anywhere from 350-500k. In my opinion, if the digging was done beforehand, it'd lower the price significantly.

    EDIT: 350-500k in rupees, not rupee value.
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  13. i ment to put in the top i will also buy a diamond voucher for the one who builds it for me
    (the first of the month)
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