I need computer help.

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  1. I have been having a problem for a few days where my computer can't run most exe files and doesn't recognize jars anymore. I am getting bored with what I can run, and have tried all I could to fix it. Is this a virus? Can anybody help me?
  2. Its not windows 8.
  3. How long have you had the computer? And have you ever re-formatted?
  4. Ive had it since Christmas 2011. Im usually good at fixing the problems I get my self into. (6 viruses fixed, some of them major) But this one, I dont know what to do. And dont ask how I got 6 viruses.
  5. I suggest re-formatting. It will deal with your problem, but most importantly, it hasn't actually had cleaning. Files that you first put on it will be an anchor to your computer's speed, which could also be causing your problem. You will need a Windows Disc for whatever OS you are using.
  6. How do I re format it?
  7. If I were you I would create a backup of windows...
    And all your documents...
    then format the computer
  8. Well, there is an easier way to restore it so all the files are like I just bought the computer. Whats the chance ill find a way to fix it without re-formatting it?
  9. Hold on guys - Reformatting is hardly the right way to start about this

    First things first

    Restart you're computer - Spam Click F8 until you get to the windows boot menu

    Choose Safemode with Command Prompt

    When you get the Command prompt screen type /SFC SCANNOW
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