I Need Books/Paper/SugarCane When New release Comes

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  1. I Need All Them For Writable Books In New Update
  2. Just go gathering up as much sugarcane as you can and turning it into paper, then go gather leather and wait.
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  3. Or i can make the books before the update :p
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  4. I caN WriTe In weIrd ChaT To
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  5. In Turkey there is something called Apachi witch are people with hair straightened upwards and they write LiKE tHis :D Search it on google.com.tr :D
    Plus you can shop at
    smp9- 19333
    smp7- 14141
    smp5- 10739
    for sugarcane or books :)
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  6. I
    Havent seen that happen with his other posts
  7. You also need ink sacs and feathers. I have at least 4 stacks of books already.
  8. Crap! I didn't think about this!!!!!!!!
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  9. Is there really an update with writable bookS?
  10. Yes, they're coming in 1.3.
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  11. Yes I have plenty of those
  12. I have to edit all my posts because people hating on how i type
  13. As well as renewable cocoa beans.. :3
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  14. Yes that is cool too
  15. Im sry if i was mean but im just saying its weird to read
  16. No I Messed Up My Writing In That People Hate How I Type Like This -> Hi I Am Nole972
  17. Yesterday I made all my sugar cane into books, got like 15 stacks :D
  18. I have a small sugar cane farm u can use. One batch is 28 sugar cane. Also, i can sell u cows to turn into leather.
  19. I got a shop at my res with many sugar cane, you can buy some there? :)
  20. I Dont need leather
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