i need an outpost!

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  1. hey guys im looking for a small outpost not very well know and its not in like a 1.7 spawned area thanks :D
  2. so you want a imaginary, never loaded by 1.7 outpost that doesn't exist as for now because EMC is not in 1.8 yet?
  3. I don't understand the world! please help:(

    or do you mean spawned areas spawned by 1.6 or lower
  4. yes 1.6 and below like i dont want a roofed forest outpost :D
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  5. 2 questions

    on which smp do you need it?
    do you want to join or create(someone will give you location to create it ?)?
  6. i dont care what smp i would like 3 and me want 2 join
  7. Even though our outpost is all the opposite from your requirements, I still would like to invite you to Carthaga. Maybe you can find what you need in Carthaga despite it is big, popular and close to a flower forest :D
    Alternatively we have a few smaller outposts, with only occassional visitors and in the old biomes. Transulvania, for example, is pretty close to spawn and has an iron and mob farm. It is connected to the Carthaga netherrail, but we use the outpost very rarely anymore, because it is very far away from Carthaga.
    If you are interested let me know.