I need an Intro!

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by marknaaijer, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. Hey Everyone!

    Updated: Now I only need some sound to the intro!

    I recently started a new Youtube Channel! (Here it is) And yeah, I need an intro... So if you are good at making like some music, (I will PM you if you are good at it. And if you need money really bad, I can even pay you.

    I can explain what you want in a PM. And yes, one thing: SUBSCRIBE!

    Ownage by a mod :p
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  2. i could try
  3. Awesome, I will PM you tomorrow!
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  4. How did you get that mod to work?!
  5. Magic Launcher.... Do 'Add' select the mod, and than launche ;)
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  6. Thanks, I don't really intend to use it much, but I want to see it...
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  7. A bump for the win!
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  8. Look up Minecraft Animator. That might help.
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  9. My skills in Blender are rudimentary. My C4D skills haven't been put to the test yet, and I have one request off my friend already that's about a month late :p
  10. I don't need one anymore.... So don't waste your time trying to make an intro for me :p

    So you don't need to reply to this anymore.
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  11. Updated OP! Now only need some sound.
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