[I need a worker!] 4001 smp2.

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  1. Hi guys i just need a worker to clear all the stone slabs I put down because im dumb. ill pay 3000r and you can keep the pick. Its eff 4 unbreaking 3 fortune 3 btw
  2. First, how many slabs?
    Second if there is tons you should pay more...
  3. He is paying a lot already
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  4. I'm getting paid about 20k (I think) for clearing a res...
  5. lol cause no one likes doing that job xP thats like the last thing anyone wants to do but thats why it pays good.
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  6. I got a worker already. it was like 60 by 50 of slabs, one layer thick
  7. Well a job is a job...
  8. Yep just like real life hehe
  9. I would have done it xD
  10. No offense
    (can't tell from your profile picture)
  11. lol oh thanks xP I am a girl.
  12. I don't know, it says female on her profile, but one can never be to sure..
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  13. >.> Well I'm blind, could of just saw the profile picture a little closer....
    (Your face structure confused me...)