i need a silk touch pix anyone got one to sell ?

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  1. i need a silk touch pix anyone interested in selling me 1 im at 10995 of smp5.empireminecraft.com ill also trade 128 iron and 64 dimounds also 32 gold and 5 stacks of redstone plus 5000r to 10000r
  2. poke hi. i got one for u. sadly i hav not been on. my pc broke got it fixed on saturday and broke again. new one should be here this week i hope. just waiting for delivery. so no worries once i come on i will let u know. cant remember my collection but think i got silk with effi iv or iii. will soon be on
  3. ooo you want the money and items too and i was wondering where you where arnt you gonna lose you house tho ?
  4. arnt you gonna loose your house ? you havnt been on for a while
  5. i came on saturday. so i am good for some time again lol. but new pc will be here soon. was just bad timing from the old one. i wasnt on for long. so no idea how the new update looks like. but i am looking forward to it. also havnt been in the wild since the reset. sad face.