I NEED A PICTURE SIGNITURE!!! The winner gets 3k!

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by CaptainCraft300, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. Hello emc residents, I need a new signature (picture) instead my boring old words: Captaincraft.

    Things you might want to add:
    -England flag
    -Gold member etc.

    The winner gets 3k!!!
  2. Just do what I do, and have a message in your signature your looking for a new one :p
  3. could do, ill do that now
  4. I might have time for this this week >.< Still have some other art to finish :p
    By the way, I noticed you didn't set a deadline? You'll just pick the first you get?
  5. Hmm, deadline, probably by 12 pm UK time, ill pick the winner then
  6. Here

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  7. Gold member?
  8. If you want it smaller, I can do it.
  9. She aint a gold member anymore, I have been told by Captain that she wants 'Owner of Captopia' on the left one where it says 'captopia 18468' and she wants '18468' instead of 'GOLD MEMBER' :) ~FDNY21 & CC300
  10. Sorry, I havnt updated this in a while, im not a gold member anymore sorry
  11. yep :)
  12. Oh well. I've just lost 3k.
  13. u cant change it ??? :(
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  14. You can still customise that one?
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  15. 2nd try :p
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  16. Don't worry, I just did it again
  17. omg its amazing! I have 2 entries so far, I have someone else making theirs atm, when theirs is posted, I shall pick the winner!!!!!
  18. This is palmsugar's entry... I will decide very soon on the winner... Emc signiture.png
  19. I have decided the winner!

    Palmsugar!!! I will pay you with your 3k now! Congratulations!
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