I need a partner for Minecraft videos

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  1. Ok so hello i'm Jellybutter123 (Devon) and I am wondering if anyone is willing to make videos with me. Although i have many things we can work with all I ask you to have is a video screen capture software. I have one (It's the one that comes with dell) and it sucks! So if anyone wants to make videos that is from the East coast, in between the ages of 13-17, and really wants to maybe become known on youtube then contact me via robertson.devon08@gmail.com or pm me on this site! thanks for reading

    Your friend and fellow EMC player,
    Jellybutter123 (Devon)
  2. Hi I would Like to Join You.
    here are some of my vids.
    I have FRAPS (full license) and also the full version of camtasia studio 8 and A $3,000 laptop.
    I Also have the ability to have custom thumbnails

  3. Sure I think we can make this happen :D All I need to know for sure is your age, email adress, and town you live in (im not a stalker just I have connection issues with people too far away lol)! Im 15 years old, Email- robertson.devon08@gmail.com, and I live in Ambler Pennsylvania. Thanks for responding and I hope we can make awesome videos :D Also can you create a server? If not than ill try but it never works on my laptop and my desktop just died haha so let me know!
  4. Nice videos :)
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  5. Well Here are my System Specs:
    ProcessorIntel(R) Core(TM) i7-3720QM CPU @ 2.60GHz, 2601 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)

    Installed Physical Memory (RAM)16.0 GB
    NVIDIA Geoforce GTX 675m

    Also I live In Maine with my timezone being EST
  6. Nice :) Ive got an intel i5-2500k (Overclocked) @3.5GHz Quad Core
    Ive got 24gb of RAM (had 8 and just bought 16 more from amazon a month ago for my server.
    Ive got a crappy Nvidia GT 520 graphics card (hoping to upgrade to a Nvidia GTX 480 or 460)
    I built mine, did you build yours? the specs sound custom
  7. [quote="1998golfer, post: 279388"snip[/quote]
    Waaaaaayyuuuu of topic...

    I wish I could, but I can't record... :(
  8. nice specs Jeanzl this can work. Same time zone and by the way nice specs! haha my laptop sucks but ya know, i gotta live with what i got lol.:cool:ok email me at robertson.devon08@gmail.com to tell me when you can start :D
  9. Wow
    wow I thought my MacBook Pro wouldn't be nearly as powerful but it has the same CPU.
    But only 4 gb of ram :( but in nz ram is dirt cheap.
  10. I wanted to build one but at the age of 13 it would cost too much.
    I know how in hope that one day my pocket mony payout gets a lot bigger.
    I wanted to build "project beast" with a 4.5 ghz i7 (overclooked) with 16gb of ram and A (I think can't quite remember the name) gigabyte G.I killer motherboard as for the hraphics card I can't remember.
  11. Thats cool, i built mine last year when i was 13 :) it was only about $550
  12. I just use Quicktime player. Its free if you have a mac.
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  13. But it has turbo boosting tech. So it can achieve 2.60GHz without even trying. All the cores/logical processors can reach up to 3.6GHz using turbo-boost which is not over clocking. Oh lol If I overclocked my processors...
  14. :) if u oc'ed u would need a water cooler like the corsair h100
  15. Considering My PC Is a laptop then yes...
    You could catch my clues about my pc being a laptop when i said
    NVIDIA Geoforce GTX 675m
    The M after 675 means Mobile