I need a New Garbage man...

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by pablo67340, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. yeah so the garbage truck with the robotic arm that empties the garbage cans on our street thought my mailbox was a garbage can and pulled it out of the ground....anyone wana help me clean up?
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  2. Lol
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  3. ...With the robotic arm...?
    We don't have those in England :eek:
  4. I live in Nowhere, The Middle of and even I have those.
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  5. That's new.. Mine only got some thingies on it's back for the huge trash metal containers (The ones at the back of Mcdonals and such)
  6. Lol, and i can make him get me a new mailbox until next week, unless he purposly skips me...
  7. Im sorry, but that is absolutely hilarious xD
  8. Rofl, thinking about it.....yea it really is XD
  9. It would be funny if you had CCTV and you uploaded it to youtube!
  10. Rofl, i didnt record it...i wish i did