I need a 'name tag' in smp4

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  1. I know 2 shops that sell them, but both out of stock :(
    1 or 2 name tags in smp4. Many thanks in advance!
  2. Just a question, I don't have any name tags. Why do people want to pay for a name tag when then can name an egg on an anvil with 5 exp? It just always seems like the easier option to me.
  3. Oh, cool :] Well, I recent started to play MC after 2 years again, so makes me a bit of a newbie again ;p

    Thanks for the sarcastic tip! :3
  4. I'm sorry, no sarcasm was intended. :(

    It was a sincere question, I figured since you knew how to post on the forum, you would be aware of naming eggs.

    I have told many people in town chat how to name an egg on the anvil, and the same people continue to ask for name tags instead. So I was honestly curious. :(
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  5. I /mail ed you one nametag for free, enjoy.
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  6. Hey thanks a lot man :)
    Actually named both my horses already thanks to wishes, but still have a nameless donkey.

    Ok, so how do I get it out of my mail? ^-^

    Edit: nvm, got it :) Thanks!
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