I need a mob spawner!

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  1. OK so this is my problem i have a enchantment table set up wit the max bookshelf effiency but i have no xp to use and plus i have been digging for about 5 hours at level 10 and no mob spawners just lots of ores.
  2. Go farther out. I ran into someone's spawner on smp2 (I left it alone) at least 10000 blocks out. Just keep looking, normally they're connected to caves.
  3. just explore caves. easy to find
  4. I have been exploring all caves,ravines and mineshafts i just havent found any spawners it makes me frustrated
  5. Maybe you shall ask some one who will left you borrow one or rent one
  6. ok
  7. Most mob spawners will be above level 10.
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  8. hey blah3000 has a pretty good one on Smp2 its pretty close to the south outpost
  9. The harder you look, the less likely you are to find one. When I went looking for one I could never find one. Then while just exploring I found two of them.
  10. I found one on smp5 outpost, but I don't now if I can find it back...
  11. Very True!
  12. Forget caves, I always find them in mineshafts.
  13. why dont you just make one?
  14. If you are still interested I could sell you one of mine.
  15. hey i may be interested ;) how much and what server?
  16. I was think 10k and its a single Skeleton spawner. If you are interested I will Pm you the server. I won't be able to come on now due to the fact I'm stuck at school but When I do get on and once I have received payment I will give you the codes and show you around :)
  17. na sry i dont have that much
  18. That's fine
    Are you still interested in a mob spawner?