I Need A Logo! I Will Pay!

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  1. Hi,

    I need a logo for my new company ProStarter
    its a company that give money/resources for new projects in EMC and then gets parts of profit etc there is no set payment I will give for making a logo for me I will PM the winner and pay them in game! The site will soon be up! and the winning logo will be used (a lot) a signature would be cool too! I can add any links into the signature


  2. This style?

    If you want to just be the company's name, no background or anything else, I can do it.
  3. Free Easy Money!!
  4. Seem like you posted that a few seconds after my post <.<
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  5. Love It!!! i would like it as a transpartant copy too so i can use on white :D thanks you win !!
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  6. it was kinda a bump i dont normally do *bump* so i try to do i secretly
  7. You should be able to use it on white, I tried it.

    Btw, what do you mean with transparent?
    (I know what it means, just want to know what you mean :p)
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  8. also i mean by transpartent so i can place on any background but still have it look good no white spaces by it :D
  9. yeah i type some confusing stuff sometimes thanks for the logo 1k ok?
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  10. If you want me to change the colors or the "theme" of it, just tell me!
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  11. kk how about 1k want 1k for the logo?
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  12. Sure, sounds good!

    Just to warn you, there's a small risk that the logo will break and start saying "Cool Text" instead....
    If that happens just tell me and I'll fix it ;)
  13. sent payment
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