I need a job

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  1. Hello everyone i need a job (in emc) cause I am low on rupees.I am willing to do anything and for a good price. Please post below if you have anything i can do
  2. Go mining in the wilderness and sell items at mega malls. (ask people where and which servers use /vault to transfer items to other servers)
    ^^ Best way if your good at mining
  3. I am the last guy that you want to mine. I pretty much aint good at it
  4. Then why do you play MINEcraft?
  5. lolz
  6. Practice makes perfect ;)
  7. Well then I guess I couldn't ask you to supply me at 8465 on smp4....
  8. Need a hardcore mining tutorial? Go to smp3 and catch me on in an hour and I'll show you some tips.
  9. I will supply