I need a idea for a story.

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  1. So i like writing short/long stories but i have no ideas i am open to a lot of ideas please post.
  2. 2 words: Minecraft. Adventure.
  3. no really plz
  4. 8 words.

    How Mrlegitislegit saved the world from flying creepers.
  5. i do't know why i asked the server/ give a serious topic plz
  6. 3 Words.
    Notch Vs Herobrine.
  7. well pgoubert dont expect to find your inspiration here around a bunch of goofs :p
  8. X@56267%&853%-75 words, IDK
  9. Wierd robot guy on aspace shiptring to find his real self?
  10. i am going to suicide by chopping my head off with my katana.
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  11. By himself i mean he lost his soul/memory
  12. what do you mean nice im going to kill myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I don't think it will go through your neck. :/ Also, if your really going to kill yourself because of some posts that have no offence content, then you need some help.
  14. How Mrlegitislegit Saved The World From Flying Creepers

    Carafax the Enderdragon glared at the crystal intently. Images from the overworld
    filled his view.

    "Invaders." he thought, "Infidels. I create minions to destroy them and they fail at every turn. My last creation, the Endermen, have proven to be... disappointing. Perhaps I can modify something..."

    Carafax's glowing purple eyes came to rest on the image of a creeper. An evil grin soon followed.


    Mrlegitislegit was picking dandelions on a hill in the wild when he heard the hissing. The hissing turned into a high pitched whine as the first of the explosions began. Looking up, he saw them. Flying Creepers!

    "Great Notch's beard!", he exclaimed, "this looks like a job for... ME!"

    Grabbing his shirt, MrLegit ripped it open from the middle to reveal lots and lots of square spiraled chest hair. With a loud yodel, he summoned his faithful pig, Norris who snorted at him from the bottom of the hill. With two large skips he leaped down onto Norris' saddle with a loud crunching sound.

    "Giddy up, Norris!" he exclaimed, though three octaves higher.

    The dive bombing creepers were tearing up the landscape. Explosions everywhere. Norris waddled through the trees with the speed of a chicken... on fire... shot out of a cannon. Reaching into the back of his pants, MrLegit pulled out his enchanted golden hoe. He struck Norris on the back of the head. Suddenly, Norris transformed, growing wings and emitting a rainbow light from his butt, they took flight. Streaking through the air the duo flew higher and higher. All of the creepers stopped. hovering in midair. MrLegit took his opportunity striking a pose of pure awesome, hoe raised overhead. The sight was too much for the flying creepers, who all promptly exploded in midair.

    And that, is how MrLegitislegit saved you all.

    The End.

    Yes, I ended a story with "The End". Deal with it.

    "Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Albert Einstien
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  16. very nice and i was just kidding about suiciding but it would go through my neck
  17. what KIND of writing do you like doing? Sci-fi? Fan Fiction? Westerns? Mystery? give us a base.. People are seriously giving topics and you are just shooting them down because you dont like them. But there is no guidance as to what YOU like, people are just posting things THEY would like to see.
  18. ummm i would say mystery and adventure. i like to write about the past.
  19. Write about a guy who does it ...
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