[I need a grinder!!!]

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  1. As the title says I need a mob grinder. I am mainly wanting it for xp so it doesnt matter what kind of mob it is. I would like to be able to use your grinder instead of having to find my own spawner. Post your prices and how much xp you get
  2. not sure about xp amount, but I have a double grinder (zombie and spider) on smp4. Make an offer.
  3. I only want access to the grinder. So 3k?
  4. Before you rush into any sales, remember something about earning xp from killing mobs: blazes give much more xp than other mobs. Therefore, if you want xp, you should probably go for a blaze grinder. On the other hand, blaze grinders would be more expensive to buy access to because of this and better drops. Just keep all this in mind.
  5. Or use deathtopia on smp9. It is an rnderman grinder that is completely self sustainable. You have plenty of food, you never have to leave. And it gives you XP faster than any blaze grinder.
  6. Oh, yeah. Great farm! I get xp so fast there... but you need to find it, first! :)
  7. If you could pm me how to get there that would be great
  8. Alexchance has a grinding service.