I need a Glass Supplier

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  1. I need a double chest worth of glass and am willing to pay 1,500 pm me if interested
  2. wen do u need it by
  3. Alright... time to go dig up some sand and coal xD
  4. aww i was gunna do it lol
  5. what server u on? I can help u. we each get a chest full xD

    and if i end up getting the job, i'll hire u to help out. That more fair?
  6. sure lol tht seems very fair
    im on smp4
    id rather come to ur server
  7. Alright. I'll get to work tomorrow on smp8. I am currently expanding my hotel and kinda busy atm.
  8. same so we will both work on a box full ?
  9. sure. i can supply diamond shovels. two each.
  10. ok, i start today just tell me the info for were you will be
  11. we have 1 doublechest at smp9 19333 the #1 ranked megashop you can buy from there
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  12. v
    visit res 16074 in the smp8 server. I'll be on now.