I need a experienced player for a HUGE job!!

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  1. Hey guys! I need a player that can stock my soon to be mega mall!! I need someone that can get a good amount of every MC item.

    I need a DC of all items except these. Amount will be specified

    Diamonds (12 stacks)
    Lapis ( 20 stacks)
    Gold (One SC)
    Iron (I will supply)
    Emeralds ( I will supply)

    Payment is as follows.
    4 iron vouchers.
  2. I'm not personally doing this - but i'm also assuming this isn't including promos nor beacons?
  3. No. I have those items

  4. The double chest of Dragon Eggs will be tough.
    Maybe after the 3456 beacons and 54 god bows :).
  5. No promos or enchanted weapons and armor
  6. Hey marshmallow,
    I know I said I would gather items, but after thinking about it, I realized if I spent my time gathering items, I wouldn't have time to do what I love; working on builds, chatting with other players, and expanding my business. Sorry, but I'll pass this time. BTW I will have DCs of dirt, birch logs, and 16 stacks of oak logs if you are interested.
  7. Hey guys! It looks like I found who I am looking for! Thanks!
  8. Hi! Sorring I am bored :p So I am on forums !! I am not experienced, but I have a DC of dirt if anyone's interested :p
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