i need a donation lol

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  1. can anyoneee feel it in there hearts to give me 48 sticky pistons for a project? :')
    im kinda poor right now lol
  2. That sure is a lot to ask for, especially for free ! Sticky pistons average on selling at around 30r + each.
  3. 43r+ :/

    And yep, loads to ask for.
  4. 100r each
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  5. I though I'd throw my own two cents in here, which is you should NOT beg for items

    Rather the best thing to do (or what I'd do) is put up a shop where people can donate sticky pistons to you
    Add a few benefits as well! If you're making a shop, give these donators a perk/discount. Give these donators free advertising. If none of this works simply go out and buy some sticky pistons :p

    But don't just request/beg for them
  6. lol thanks for the advice... but im not begging... i knew no one would give me sticky pistons lol a stack is like 15k i believe somowhere around there..
  7. Does anyone here know what the word want means?
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  8. Then why ask? And not 15k.
  9. To make you ask questions...
  10. Denied. Next topic.