i need a dollar dollar is what i need hey hey

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  1. Hey guys Filos here i was wondering when ever i say i would do anything for money i mean it becouse with my shop at (4493 SMP2 plz check it out) not going to well with all the other shops poping up i am broke with no way to restock my stuff :confused: and i need money bad so whenever you see me on give me a /tell so i will come do a job or build or anything you need.

  2. Hey also guys is it just me or do you think we should be able to say buy a res on another server like i have 1 on smp2 but my mate has one on smp1 and hes always on smp1 and i am always on smp2 what do you think give me a anwser plz
  3. Hey Filos.

    If your wanting to play on the same server as your friend, then one of you will need to unclaim your res, and change server, and claim a new one. You can always use the Server Vault first to move items you want to keep. ( /purchase Vault).

    Alternatively, If it's money you want. Haveing a friend you can trust on another server could benefit you greatly.
    You could build a shop on his Residence, and Your Residence, doubling the number of potential customers.
    However i must stress that giving someone full access on a res is like giving someone your house keys.

    But those are your two options really :)
    Theres still nothing stopping you adventuring together on a server and using the vault at the end of it.

    As for purchasing another residence, There is far too many new player joining every day to offer original members another residence. But hey, 60x60 is big enough :)
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  4. You can make room for him. use the [access]
  5. hey thanks for the fast reply and thanks alot for the tips but di=ont you think it would be cool if you could buy a res and have 2