i need a blaze spawner

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  1. i wanted to find a blaze spawner in smp5 or 6 dose anyone know where one is and can take me. i promise i wont grief i just want to get xp for enchanted items
  2. go to the end on smp3 and battle their u get more exp jst dont forgget the pumpkin!!!
  3. no i go to end to much i have 2 large chests full of pearls
  4. Sadly, I've been wondering if there is any blaze spawners on SMP6 myself. I frequent the nether, and I have been to many strongholds. I have yet to find one... And I'm not really sure why someone would destroy it, there isn't a reason to. It's a good way to make money! Blaze rods are very much in demand. My only thought would be silken touch tools? Even then, I'm not sure if those work or not...

  5. Where is the end?
  6. There are portals to "The End" inside strongholds in the wilderness, Not out in the nether. I honestly have no idea where any are on SMP6, But I think one (or maybe even two) have been found.
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  7. Ok thanks but do you know where they are in smp4 that's where I'm located. :)
  8. To be honest, I wouldn't have any clue ^_^' I don't venture out of SMP6. Haha, Sorry!
  9. Ok thanks anyways! :)