I`n need of sand

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  1. Hi all,
    I'm just posting this thead to inform you of an amazing way to make money.
    I'm trying to cover the entire first lair of my lot whith sand
    if you are interested in selling me some sand there will be a shop sign buying sand 64 sand for 40r.

    And one other thing i am going to need aproximitly 3600 blocks of sand so bring lots:D

    If you can't get me any sand i would very much apreaciate any advise on a shop were someone would sell sand.

    My lot is on smp2 #3650


    *Edit* the chest is buying in 64 and 128
  2. i will see i get some ;)
  3. yaa
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  4. 3600 sand?
  5. yahh,
    cause the lot is 60 times 60 wich is 3600
  6. ok ;)